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OCTOBER 11th, 2019



EVENT 2019




An exciting word 

The Indie Short Film Festival AWord is the best venue to meet friends. This is for them who have their own view of the World around us. Talented people who can express their thoughts and make a movie they are the main value of our festival.

We are looking for short films of various genres from all over the World.

The AWord Indie Short Film Festival is always searching for new talents!

We've been producing indie films for more than 15 years. That's a miracle!

Welcome to the AWord Indie Short World!


A word about the Festival

The Festival is a private invitation-only event with online access.

Only registered attendees can enter the Screening Room.

The Official Venue of the festival is

Please, visit the festival page on MovieScreenPro to learn more about the festival screening format.

We accept films of any genres, any languages with English subtitles if the film language is not English.

Each film must be 50 minutes long or shorter. 


The Submission Categories:

Best Short Film (duration: 10 min - 50 min)

Best Mini Film (duration: up to 9 min)

Best Student Film 

Best Documentary  

Best Animated Film 

Best Web Series 

Best Music Video 


A word about Awards

The Category Award, Laurels, and the Certificate. 

The Audience Award, Laurels, and the Certificate. 

The Awards, Laurels, and Certificates may be sent by email. 

The Category Awards and the Audience Award let the best filmmakers get their taste of Glory!

The Audience Box. 50% of each bought ticket price will be forwarded to a filmmaker upon the ticket buyer’s vote at the event.


A word about our guests

We invite Festival Guests. They are Distribution companies, TV Broadcasting companies, Internet channels, Production companies, Film Festivals, Filmmakers and just film lovers. 

Make your Filmmaker's World with Indie Film Festival!


A word for You

Welcome and Good Luck!


The Letter - Trailer

Tell us A Word

AWORD Indie Short Film Festival is looking for new talents.

We want to hear from you. Drop us a line and we will be in touch.


10250 Constellation Boulevard Suite 2320 PMB #29-3 

Los Angeles, CA 90067 c/o Magwill Entertainment, LLC

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